Spring Honey Is Here !!

From our table to yours  !! We shared with friends and family ,  tasted with pancakes  and oatmeal and its golden , sweet and yummy .

Local , raw honey available. Text or Call – (201) 749-1849

2019 Local Queen Rearing – Our very own Queen babies

Not only is our honey is local (to Bergen County, NJ), we raise our bees right here in Bergen County, NJ too.
We go to great lengths to ensure we raise all of our colonies as local as we can. We take care of their health and nutrition. We put in lot of hard work in ensuring the colonies have best chance at survival through Jersey winters.

Our hard work paid off and the colonies survived yet another winter. 2019 spring is here and it is time for Honey Bee colonies to expand at a rapid rate. This is also time for us to raise our very own local queens so we can continue expanding our apiary with our local queens.

Queen rearing is an elaborate, intricate and time consuming process. However, it is also very satisfying to see our work come to fruition and the bees feed the queen grafts ample amount of royal jelly.

Attached is the picture of our first batch of queen cells. Notice how each queen cup (platic cell) has good amount of white substance. The white substance is the royal jelly mix that nurse bees have put in for queen larvae to feed on.
The queen cells are still open in this picture. In about a week, they will be capped (closed) enabling the queen larvae to pupate and turn into adults.

2019 Spring Is Here

What a difference one week makes, especially when its spring time. Our apple trees buds “suddenly” turned into tiny leaves, peach tree put out beautiful pinkish red flowers, apricots have put up beautiful display of pink flowers.

And our local bee hives are exploding with population growth. Tis the season of rapid expansion for honey bee colonies. Before we know it, the swarm season will be here. If you or someone you know notice honey bee swarm, please call us so we can rescue the swarm and give them opportunity to survive and thrive.

We have local honey available if you want some. Our local honey is truly made by our hives that never leave Bergen County. They overwinter right here in Bergen County.

Call or Text us for honey at (201) 749-1849

Honey Wedding Favors ( Meant to bee )

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams .

Sharing a love that’s “Meant To Bee” is cause for celebration. That’s why everyone will be buzzing about the details of your wedding–especially your sweet choice in wedding favors, a personalized jar of backyard “Tulasi ” honey. Adding “Tulasi ” honey to a hot cup of tea or warm homemade bread, guests will continue to spread the joy that they found sweetly presented on your special day.

Features  :


  • 1.5 oz. jar of backyard “Tulasi” honey with personalized label and ribbon – standard design
  • Additional custom designs available on request


Winter vegetarian soup

Every winter i make this soup for my family  , I  use all color vegetables like carrots ,beets ,bell pepper ,onion , cabbage , mushrooms and a lot of spices . I add precooked beans  and fresh herbs at the end . Don’t  forget a spoon of sour cream when served !!

Indian bread (paratha with green peas )

I love smell of masala and spices .  I use spices in all my dishes including teas .  I made indian bread from atta flour (its similar to whole wheat flour used for chapati/roti and paratha ) .This is great dish on the go , you can staff with sweet or spicy  staffing .

Happy Purim !!


Its my favorite childhood cookies  . I am always waited for  my grandma to make with poppy seeds and making for my family was fun . I used vegan version ,

http://www.theinventivevegetarian.com/hamantaschen/#comment-4228 .

All day Eggs (Sweet and Sour )

I love eggs ,  its so great nutritional food .   This recipe from  “Top Chef” show with little modification   . Its combination of sweet and sour taste but works great . I used one of my favorite blackberry jam , we also like fresh pear instead of jam  . Its simple , quick  and very delicious .  You need  a toast ,  hazelnut spread , jam or fresh fruit , poach egg and hollandaise sauce is optional  .Feel free to season 🙂 .

Stuffed Peppers

I have so many colorful peppers  ,plus  okra in the garden so it was a time for curry ,  when curry was ready something was missing so I  made little twist by stuffing couple of the peppers with a curry and  scramble tofu . It came so colorful and fulfilling dish !!