Spring Honey Is Here !!

From our table to yours  !! We shared with friends and family ,  tasted with pancakes  and oatmeal and its golden , sweet and yummy .

Local , raw honey available. Text or Call – (201) 749-1849

Honey Wedding Favors ( Meant to bee )

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams .

Sharing a love that’s “Meant To Bee” is cause for celebration. That’s why everyone will be buzzing about the details of your wedding–especially your sweet choice in wedding favors, a personalized jar of backyard “Tulasi ” honey. Adding “Tulasi ” honey to a hot cup of tea or warm homemade bread, guests will continue to spread the joy that they found sweetly presented on your special day.

Features  :


  • 1.5 oz. jar of backyard “Tulasi” honey with personalized label and ribbon – standard design
  • Additional custom designs available on request


Winter vegetarian soup

Every winter i make this soup for my family  , I  use all color vegetables like carrots ,beets ,bell pepper ,onion , cabbage , mushrooms and a lot of spices . I add precooked beans  and fresh herbs at the end . Don’t  forget a spoon of sour cream when served !!

Indian bread (paratha with green peas )

I love smell of masala and spices .  I use spices in all my dishes including teas .  I made indian bread from atta flour (its similar to whole wheat flour used for chapati/roti and paratha ) .This is great dish on the go , you can staff with sweet or spicy  staffing .

Happy Purim !!


Its my favorite childhood cookies  . I am always waited for  my grandma to make with poppy seeds and making for my family was fun . I used vegan version ,

http://www.theinventivevegetarian.com/hamantaschen/#comment-4228 .

All day Eggs (Sweet and Sour )

I love eggs ,  its so great nutritional food .   This recipe from  “Top Chef” show with little modification   . Its combination of sweet and sour taste but works great . I used one of my favorite blackberry jam , we also like fresh pear instead of jam  . Its simple , quick  and very delicious .  You need  a toast ,  hazelnut spread , jam or fresh fruit , poach egg and hollandaise sauce is optional  .Feel free to season 🙂 .

Stuffed Peppers

I have so many colorful peppers  ,plus  okra in the garden so it was a time for curry ,  when curry was ready something was missing so I  made little twist by stuffing couple of the peppers with a curry and  scramble tofu . It came so colorful and fulfilling dish !!

3rd place in Honey Tasting competition, light honey category

We always knew Park Ridge is a sweet town. Now we have proof 🙂. Our girls (honey bees) won 3rd place in Honey Tasting competition, light honey category. Northeast New Jersey Beekeepers Association organizes this fun & public event at Ramapo College every year around September / October. Thank you everyone for taking care of trees, plants, gardens and minimizing use of pesticides.

Spiced Chai Latte

Masala Chai ,  We like to start our day with a good cup of tea and Masala Chai latte our  favorite drink . With a pinch of  spices  of cloves, cardamom pods , cinnamon , black pepper and fresh ginger make this drink special  .It’s creamy and milky . You can try with coconut milk or any type of cream  .